I, Beth McCartney am the owner of Sweet Dreams Solutions (ABN 23 245 601 562).

Sweet Dreams Solutions will provide the following services to you:

  • Sweet Dreams Solutions is a baby and toddler sleep consulting service to assist clients in establishing, a safe and regulated sleeping routine for children.
  • Sweet Dreams Solutions will interpret the relationship between the child’s behaviour and the reason as to why they are not sleeping.  The key issues addressed will be sleep environment, aged related routine, family situation, dietary requirements, sleep associations and settling techniques.
  • Sweet Dreams Solutions will provide you with a thorough sleep training plan suited to you and the child following payment.
  • Sweet Dreams Solutions has the right to refuse or withdrawal consulting services if you do not wish to abide by the safe sleeping guidelines that Sweet Dreams Solutions follows.
  • Sweet Dreams Solutions endorses safe sleeping. If you wish to continue to co-sleep, Sweet Dreams Solutions will not provide you with a customised sleeping plan. If you continue to co-sleep throughout your chosen package of sleep training, services will cease and no refund will be provided.
  • Sweet Dreams Solutions has the right to request information about the child’s sleeping environment.
  • You will not copy, adapt or alter your custom plan for any third party. These plans are customised to you and your child and deemed to be commercial in confidence.
  • Sweet Dreams Solutions staff are not qualified to deliver medical advice and will not provide such advice. When appropriate, the client will be directed to seek the assistance of a lactation consultant or a medical practitioner.


  • You will choose a package that suits your needs.
  • Sweet Dreams Solutions will then issue you an invoice prior to providing you with your sleep plan
  • You will pay this invoice within 7 days of receiving it into the nominated bank account on the invoice
  • Payments to Sweet Dreams Solutions are non-refundable and by paying for a package, you understand and acknowledge that notwithstanding the best efforts of Sweet Dreams Solutions, the child concerned may not change their sleep habits. It will be under the discretion of Sweet Dreams Solutions should a refund be requested by you.
  • If throughout the timeline of your chosen package you need to pause services, you can pause for 14 days from the date you pause. If you do not reinstate your package with Sweet Dreams Solutions after 14 days, it will be at the discretion of Sweet Dreams Solutions to provide you with a refund.