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Hello, I am Beth and the proud owner of Sweet Dreams Solutions. I am a certified baby and toddler sleep consultant and I have recently launched my small business and this website- thanks for being here and for reading!

Becoming a sleep consultant has been a huge highlight for me as I am able to utilize my empathy and kindness entwined with my knowledge around baby and toddler sleep, and support families in helping their child go to sleep and stay asleep. My approach is based on science and experience and I am holistic in my approach to coaching parents- it is not a one size fits all approach.

I became a Mum in the middle of 2019 and she was a great sleeper early on. Once she turned 5 months, things started to unravel and we also moved interstate. Her world, and mine, was shaken up and so was her sleep and before I knew it, I was co-sleeping, rocking and feeding to sleep and she was waking multiple times a night. At 8 months old, we had enough and reached out to a sleep consultant and it was by far the best thing we ever did for us as a couple and for her. She is almost 3 and still a brilliant little sleeper!

Once we completed our sleep training, it empowered me and I wanted to give back to my community of Mums somehow, so I became a consultant myself.

I live and work in North East Arnhem Land on the Gove Peninsula and this is where Sweet Dreams Solutions was born in 2021. I offer in home consults to residents on the Gove Peninsula and Skype/Zoom for those interstate. Whether face to face or over the phone, you will receive the same amount of support and coaching from me as I firmly believe every household deserves a good night’s sleep.

Feeling sleep deprived? Rocking your child to sleep? Crawling out of their room once asleep so you don’t wake them? Surviving multiple wake ups? Starting your day at 5am or earlier? I can help.

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