Some kind words from our customers

“Working with Beth was seamless and easy. From reassurance when I needed it most, through to advice on the many questions I had. Never did I feel silly for the questions I asked.

Beth is kind and supportive, which is exactly what you need a tired and fragile state.

From a baby who cat napped daily and only slept for 2 hours overnight. He is now sleeping 2 hours in the day for his main nap and a few smaller ones either side of that. I can’t thank Beth enough for her love and support, she got us through some tough times and changed our lives.”


“Beth has helped us do what we thought was the impossible. Our 21 month old has gone from co sleeping and waking up countless times a night, to sleeping in his cot (and being happy to be in there), self settling and sleeping more than he ever has since he was born!

We truly couldn’t have asked for a better person at work with, the support and guidance from Beth was unconditional.

We never could have imagined this, and it is all thanks to Beth.”


“Thank you Beth, for being so supportive and taking the first steps to better sleep for my little family. We have gone from breastfeeding to sleep most nights to laying in the cot wide awake and asleep before 7pm, self settling back to sleep all on her own while I get some rest!

Thanks for being there for me morning and night to reassure me!

We really appreciate your help! Thank you.”


“Beth changed everything for me and my seven month old son, Alfie. Within days he went from napping got half an hour to a 2 hour nap and multiple wakes overnight to sleeping 12 hours.

We were amazed! Beth’s approach and support throughout the process was amazing.

I would highly recommend working with Beth so your little one (and you!) can get some sleep they need.”


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